ISO 9001:2015 VS ISO 9001:2018


New ISO 9001:2015 structure

9001:2015 standard is on the basis of the new high level structure (HLS) that brings to us the framework which is universal to all standards of management systems which keeps consistency of all standards.

The key changes of the standard are:

  • Risk management more focused
  • Leadership more emphasized
  • Awareness and effective communication
  • Objectives to be measurement and changed
ISO 9001: 2008 ISO 9001: 2015
Products Products and Services
Exclusions It’s not being used  (See Chapter A.5 for

clarification of implementation  and exclusions )

Management Representative It’s not being used  (Assigned similar

responsibilities and authorities,  but there is no requirement for  a single representative of the  Top Management)

Documentation, Quality  Manual, Documented  Procedures, Records Documented information
Working environment Environment for the operation

of processes

Monitoring and measurement  equipment Monitoring and measurement  resources
Purchased product Products and Services  provided by the external  provider
Purchaser External provider